High Pressure Die Casting - Zinc & Aluminium Die Cast Products

PPP3 is a high pressure die casting company based in Walsall, West Midlands, which produces zinc and aluminum die cast products. Die casting is a metal casting process which is done by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mould cavity. Hardened steel is used to create a die which consists of two halves, which has a mould cavity machined into each side which reflects the shape of the product design. The die also has its own injection system so the parts automatically eject from the die which produces a high-volume manufacturing rate. Die casting gives excellent surface finish so that the product can be plated, powdered, polished or painted to a flawless finish. Dimensional consistency is also one of the many advantages to this form of manufacturing.

Secondary Operation Machining

Machining, Grinding, Linishing, Drilling and all other secondary operations are either undertaken in-house or by approved subcontractors.

Surface Treatments

Surface treatments include galvanizing, zinc plating, powder coating, painting and polished provided if required.

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Our Sales and Technical Staff are always available to offer advice. Send us your requirements, whether small or large in quantity, simple or complex in design.

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